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design & translation

About us

We are Carmen and Ion, two freelancers passionate about our profession and with extensive experience in Web Development and Audiovisual Translation. We have joined forces to offer to our customers a service that is both more efficient and encompassing, and full of creativity.

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Web Design

Design and management of all kinds of websites, from informative or small business sites to online shops.

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Audiovisual Translation

Subtitling and translation of audiovisual material.

Ion Zubizarreta

Audiovisual Translator

I am a full-time freelance Audiovisual Translator grateful for doing a job that I enjoy and which gives me the chance of learning a bit more every day.

My ten years of experience in this field and a Master in Audiovisual Translation allow me to produce contents that are both accurate and creative.

Carmen Salgueiro

Web Designer

The world of image is my passion and I am always ready to face new creative challenges.

In these 5 years that I have been working as a web designer I have had the opportunity to surround myself with a great team of collaborators, evolving and adapting to the continuous changes in web design.

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